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Tuscany, Italy & Languedoc, France

From brand-new beginners to accomplished amateurs and practicing professionals, we are very proud of our students, and many have had exhibitions, published calendars and won awards and recognition with the work that they created during their time with us in Cortona. Thanks so much for the updates on what you are doing with your work from Italy! …and the South of France Photography Workshop too!


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Cameron Bahnson, Languedoc France 2018

© Cameron Bahnson, all rights reserved.


Anyes Moscrip, Languedoc France 2018

© Anyes Moscrip, all rights reserved.


Don Johnson, Languedoc France 2018

© Don Johnson, all rights reserved.


Gina Reboulet, Cortona 2018

© Gina Reboulet, all rights reserved.


Thomas Gruber, Languedoc France 2018

Thomas has TWO exhibitions in Fall 2018 with Images from our time in Cortona, France, and our Coastal Georgia USA Workshop

© Thomas Gruber, all rights reserved.


Harriet Dye, Cortona 2017

© Harriet Dye, all rights reserved.


Damara Davidson, Languedoc France 2017

Damara’s Images were featured in TWO exhibitions, in the 2018 EQUESTRIAN show at Mason Fine Art, Atlanta, GA, and as part of the 2017 “NINE” photography exhibition at pb&j Gallery, Atlanta, GA.

© Damara Davidson, all rights reserved.


Terri Maxfield Lipp, Languedoc France 2017

A fine artist working in both painting and photography

© Terri Maxfield Lipp, all rights reserved.


Jane Koester, France 2017

Congratulations on Jane’s beautiful Languedoc 12 Image Calendar, that she created with her images from our South of France adventure!

© Jane Koester, all rights reserved.


Damara Davidson, Tuscany 2016

© Damara Davidson, all rights reserved.


Neil Allen 2016

© Neil Allen, all rights reserved.


Jane Koester 2016

Here are 3 Pages from Jane’s Beautiful 12 Month Calendar, that she produced with her images from our Fall Workshop last year.

© Jane Koester, all rights reserved.


Katie Archibald-Woodward

© Katie Archibald-Woodward, all rights reserved.


Sara Leikin

© Sara Leikin, all rights reserved.


Neil Allen 2015

© Neil Allen, all rights reserved.


Damara Davidson 2015

© Damara Davidson, all rights reserved.


Robert McDonald 2015

© Robert McDonald, all rights reserved.


Faye York 2015

© Faye York, all rights reserved.


Gina White

© Gina White, all rights reserved.


Kristi Eide

© Kristi Eide, all rights reserved.


David Fullagar

© David Fullagar, all rights reserved.


Dorothy O’Beirne


© Dorothy O’Beirne, all rights reserved.


Eva Fernandez

© Eva Fernandez, all rights reserved.


Ashok Mahindra

© Ashok Mahindra, all rights reserved.


Deanna Chute

© Deanna Chute, all rights reserved.


Lalit Nirula

© Lalit Nirula, all rights reserved.


Bruce Crane

© Bruce Crane, all rights reserved.


Thomas Gruber: Italy in the Photographer’s Lens

Congratulations to Thomas Gruber on his exhibition of 43 framed images on display at the Cary, North Carolina Town Hall Gallery, June 28 through August 28, 2013.

Thomas Gruber Show

© Thomas Gruber, all rights reserved

Artist Statement Excerpt:  In 2012 , he spent a week in Cortona participating in a workshop sponsored by the “Cortona Center of Photography”.  Most of the photographs of people were taken in the heart of Town – Piazza della Repubblica – Cortona’s main square.
This spot has been the Town Center since Etruscan times, four centuries before Christ. These photographs show the interaction of people with each other. No one posed for his camera. They were simply being observed.


Wharton Winstead

© Wharton Winstead, all rights reserved.


Mike Demshki

© Mike Demshki, all rights reserved.


Cammen Lowstuter

© Cammen Lowstuter, all rights reserved.



Our 2015 Summer class all returned again for the Fall 2016 Workshop
and we welcomed great new friends too 🙂 !




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